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The Sports portrait, is more than just a happy-snap with a request for a cheese smile into camera. It's whole emphasis is on what you do and who you are at play, which captures and reflects that moment in time, as a special keepsake. Like other types of Life style portraiture, the focus of the S'portrait is to bring that other you to the forefront and into frame with your game face on; whatever the game/sport might be. Football, Rugby, Hockey, Boxing, Fencing, the list goes on, be it a team or individual sport, the session is styled in its approach to visually realise this for all age groups. The aim is to create that stand alone feature image of the sporting you.

The session is usually an outside location based shoot, which can be moved inside (if called for in design of your session) when and if required. A key element to creating this type of portrait is the sporting wear and equipment required to establish the S'portrait in context. Your Kit is all important, this will all be discussed when putting together your session.

Age groups: 7 - 17: For this age group session, there is a prerequisite that a Parent or Guardian, is in attendance (close at hand) at all times through out the session. This is understood and signed off on, in agreement before any booking/session is undertaken. DBS-Certified 2017.

Adults: For women 18 and over, I am happy for you to bring along, invite and be assisted by a Parent, friend or chaperone, if you so wish. It's so important that you are comfortable with the session, enabling you to relax during, as we work together to bring out your ‘Game Face’ and get that special Image of the sporting you.