There is a Set Session fee of: £250.00 for all Portrait, Sportrait & Life Style options-Plus £100.00 for Post production.

The fee is relative to the intrinsic cost of time spent through out the session process, and then in post production. Most sessions are taken on location; simply, I come to you, and based upon the brief (the image required) work out a setting, interior or exterior, that will best establish what you are after in your finished image.

Inclusive in the set fee:
Pre production and shoot; to realise in concept, create and capture the special image that will present as a featured portrait. The aim is to choose the best 5 images, (from the session) that presents as the image you want and meets your expectations. This package includes 5 high-resolution, fully retouched and heightened digital images that you can reproduce in any way you wish. You can of course choose more later, in your viewing consultation.

Post production; specialised techniques are used to establish the images further in look, design and style, to create a unique Portrait, dependant on session. Please see: 'What to expect' & 'Life Style Portrait' in the "Info link' for a broader outline. This would also include Web ready Images for social media; Linkedin/Face book etc.

PRINT OPTIONS, are available if you require professional prints for display. I would advise for any print from 8x10" upwards that you get the printed image backed. The difference between a professional print studio and your high street outlet; Simply, cost and quality. The main reason is, a dedicated professional print studio provides a calibrated service which is superior. Alongside this, is a wider choice of High grade Fine art (Photo Rag and other) display print paper that allows the option to choose a type/grade of paper that accentuates the image. After investing so much in the image, it is the final touch.

Print Options:

Starts at 8x10-16x20" (these are separate options that can be built in) Individual Prints are charged for on a rising scale, based on size/design.

General guide, Starting at A4: £25.00

Largest format available 60x75"

I am happy to quote, give a Session/Print price on request, if not covered above, based upon your requirements and can advise what would best suit you as an affordable session shoot, that delivers that special image you are looking for.

Achieving a level of comfort is key to any successful photographic session; be it a Session Portrait, (any age range) or commercial commission, they all bring different unique challenges that require skills that go beyond technical knowledge. Part of the solution is communication, understanding what you have in mind, alongside helping you to develop and realise this creatively and photographically.
This is why any intial enquiry/prior discussion on your potential session is important. It allows you to make a considered decision through direct contact. It is not in place to be a hard sell or pitch on my part, rather more simply, a professional courtesy, to offer a package session that is affordable to you. With no further contact from me, after this initial chat. It is up to you to decide wether to engage my proffesional services or not.

COMMERCIAL HIRE: I have a broad range of Visual media experience, in commercial Art & Design, alongside digital video. The understanding of brief requirements for advertising/editorial collateral and marketing Use. I am happy to discuss and put forward a proposition in reference to your needs/company brief, to produce and realise visually the desired Image outcome.


1-3 Hours on location

(50+high resolution images on disc)

3-5 Hours on Location
(80+ High resolution Images on disc)

5-7 Hours on Location
(100+ High resolution images on disc)


Set Fee of: £500.00

Covering the full day from Dawn up to the start of the reception; beyond this I usually advise, that their will be at least a hundred other cameras & photographers all on hand to capture the nights fun and celebration that comes with your special day.

The style is a mixture of Reportage and Classic, a working brief is discussed with the couple in design of their day, in reference to any special requirements or photo images that they would wish to have done, remember it is your day, which everything revolves around the main focus for me is to capture that day, in the best possible light, with the least amount of fuss…..

Post production of selected images, (Included: re-touch, various design overlays, too fine art techniques)

Seperate from fee: Album/Book package ranges from £300 to £800.00. This is built around a designed 20/40 page Album with additional add-ons available, Large format custom fine art prints, 20x30" to 40x50", these large format images are specially created for a bespoke feature piece/pieces for the couple and are discussed prior to the wedding. Canvas wraps and slate framed design are optioned, as part of a customised package, which is reflected in the price range above.

At present, Wedding bookings are only taken through recommendation. (whereby the clients are known to me by associates socially or through business contacts) This is subject to availability, due to other commercial Photographic commitments during the season.