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I have always found the framing & mounting of a picture to be both personal and subjective with varied contributing factors. Considering decor is important, with key fundamental elements to get right. Central, is a frame that both accentuates the image and presents it as a feature piece which complements the room. This can be achieved in different ways subject to design. I am happy to both advise and assist you to get this right. 
Framing is available upon request. If this is a service you require, please mention when booking (as this can take between 3-4weeks in process) . I use a Master framer with a broad range of old, new and bespoke design. This ranges from sourced antique, to glass Decoupage. Alternatively, there are framing companies available via the internet, as well as bespoke framing shops that you could visit. This is all relative to what you are personally looking for.
The cost of framed portraits varies depending on size & composition of your selected image.
I will be able to quote as a cost guide, upon enquiry.