New Born & Little Angel

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No matter what stage of development your child is in, there is no wrong time to have him or her photographed.

New Born and Child Portraiture sessions are Styled and designed around capturing that moment in time, creating the special wall art that will live on to be loved & looked back upon. This could be a classic digitally hand painted Fine art Portrait or a contemporary designed image.

The session is customised to your requirements through discussion (simply a chat) to discover a range of things, from the style of image and ideas you may have in mind, to print format/size and ultimately the location of where the picture is going to be placed/feature in the home. All these things are important and play a big part in design of a session.

If you would like more details on a session option, please complete the contact form with your enquiry. Alternatively, to arrange a direct call regarding your photographic requirements, options available and cost, please include your telephone details and a convenient time and I will endeavor to contact you within 48hrs. Please rest assured, their is no follow up contact or calls after any intial enquiry has been answered, be it by email or telephone. It is left to you to consider and decide in your own time whether to hire my professional services. Please see Info 'Your Investment'

The nature of my photographic and styled work, is to design a bespoke session that allows me to capture and then create that special unique image.