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Boudoir, Burlesque, Vintage and Hollywood Glamour sessions are all undertaken with a confidentiality agreement. It is important that you are both comfortable and relaxed with this private session and assured of its integrity. Please Note: No Clients Photo's are used in promotion of these sessions for the reasons as set out above. The site photos used, are for a boutique commissioned shoot. The Location Boudoir Session offers the opportunity to be photographed in a specifically themed way in the comfort of the clients own home or designated location.

This is discussed with you in a 'What I would Like' analysis chat, to realise your desired image requirements. This can range from evocative, Saucy sensual, to a fun Postcard Pin-up Portrait, for that fine art wall print or stunning Canvas Wrap. In addition, the Vintage/Glamour-Portrait, is a session where the emphasis on Style is different and reflected by the fashion and Chic look of the time in period, we are recreating.

Anonymity is often requested, whereby the client is photographed in a way that does not reveal the sitter’s identity. A fine art & design aesthetic is used when producing this unique type of image. This is typically used for large format, black&white decorative wall prints, with a sense of mystique.

What to wear?
Apparel, under garments/lingerie are key to establishing the desired image. This element of boudoir is guided by style. In example, Boudoir & Burlesque 'the Basque' is very much the classic attire, sensual, evocative and timeless. The approach is one of flexibility after deciding upon the genre of image to shoot for. It is simply your choice of what works for you as we work to capture that other you. The foremost importance is, that you are relaxed, comfortable and confident as we work in partnership to create that special image.

I am happy if the client would like a female chaperone/friend to accompany and assist her when needed, during the session…. OR, perhaps a shared session, whereby friends join together in a Boudoir shoot. This can work on two levels, that of encouragement and fun, alongside a financial one. Both are shot independently of each other but share the session cost.
Please feel free to contact me via the 'contact link page' regards any further information or questions you may have.