A considerable part of my work experience and training has incorporated my ability to interpret and realise creative briefs visually. Combining, Fine art & creative design, photography and video media. Having traditional/classic experience of interpreting and producing designed artwork in a 2d/3d large scale production environment; I spent twelve years as a Senior Scenic artist at the Royal Opera House, painting backdrops for the ROH and Royal Ballet. All of which allows me to bring a unique perspective photographically, when applying design and paint techniques on a digital platform.

Pre & Post Production or in other words, the berfore and the after....

Standard session time: 1-2 hours.

This allows for a variation in reference to pose elements and set up within the confines of the location and session option. This time frame can be extended out if required.

Design & prop dressing of shoot location if applicable. This is established as much as possible in disscusion with you, prior to the session. A more specific outline for setting the scene will again be relative to style of the image, as will the mixture of light use, being natural light and off camera lighting, in the main determined by theme, alongside location conditions.

What I do.....

Post Production.
Post processing and retouching between 5-10 images: Specialized art techniques and bespoke design are introduced on selected images, based upon the option and requirements of the client, which is covered in the consultation of what you would like. This is further worked on in creating your unique image, which could be a large format canvas or fine art print, designed to feature in a specific room. In example, please see: Sportrait > Young Rider > Fine art Portrait. This technique is used to create a large format,20x30” feature piece, that is hand painted on top of the photographic image, to be realised as an Oil Painting. Alternatively, Please see > Sportrait, 'bring your game face' Young female football player; whereby the pre and post production approach is to produce a high end contemporary editorial front cover look.

About The Fine Art Images:
The Fine Art images are created in a digital environment and yet each image is painted and finished by hand; starting with an image that is shaped and originated in camera, as a basis for your unique bespoke artwork. The time spent can be anything between 1-2 days to establish an image and is charged acordingly. Inclusive of a 20x30" Print.

Outside Location:
This is an option whereby the session shoot is conducted at a designated outside location that helps create a look in, anything from a deck of a yacht to a Park swing. The approach to a location session can be broadened out in various scenario's determined by the image requirements. See info 'Life style Portrait' & 'Sportrait'

Please don't hesitate to get in contact, via the link page for more details, I am happy to answer any questions you may have .